It is too hot to move

It is 33 Celcius inside.

hot sun

We have three fans going full-tilt.

The air conditioning died today. It is still blowing, but not cooling anymore.

Outside is certainly not an option. No breeze and it’s 38 or more – aiming for 40 something.

It’s almost too hot to think.

Gladly, I knew it would be hot, and that I had commitments to myself and my team.

This morning I got up early and did Vive and Balance through all the way before it got too hot. I need to do my tracks again – and practice the ‘shuffle’ in track three of Vive which I struggled get my head and feet around. But it’ll come.

I feel fidgety. Probably because I’m hot and uncomfortable.

What can I do to cool off?

Maybe a trip to the pool is in order?


A pool in the backyard would rock right about now.

How bout a jump through the sprinklers?


Ice cream?!

Melting Ice Cream Cone

Mmmm!! Ice Cream!

I have lots of little things to share, and a lot of half-way thought through blog posts that may never see the light of day, so just a few notes from the last few weeks while I’ve been away, busy or just unable to connect or finish a post:

  • Christmas was lovely, five days chilling with Mat’s family, and my family here over the last two days. Good fun! Too much food! Great relaxing! Wonderful catching up and visiting.
  • I did run once while on holidays, on the 23rd and it was a good one – lots of hills, and a great challenge! Unfortunately, over the following days my feet, despite many massages, were too sore to run again. I tried to run again on the 28th, but could only manage a walk. Clearly, I still have some work to do.
  • I have 8 days to learn 4 tracks of Vive well enough to teach and all the others well enough to follow, and half of Balance. I have not done enough training and really must get at it.
  • We went to Lake Ewlyamartup, up yesterday after a friend told me how great it was to be out kayaking on it. Mat agreed to come out with me and he also loved it and now we’re seriously in the market for kayaks and will be heading back to the Lake today for another little swim with the dogs. New favourite things!!

In the end, I had a quick dip in the pool – INSTANT BETTER – and a cool shower when I got home. The air conditioner also magically fixed itself and started blowing cold air again, and the outside temp is now dropping away from its high of 41, so everyone is feeling better. Off to the lake, leftover turkey for tea with T&E and maybe a little time left to reflect on the year that was…


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