Eating All the Way to Christmas

Christmas is tricky.

Not only is there a LOT going on, but there’s a lot more eating.

Food is always synonymous with celebration, and we seem to find an abundance of reasons to celebrate through December.

I think what is important to remember is that Christmas is a DAY, not a MONTH, and so the feasting needs to be managed….

‘December’ is not permission to eat and drink without consequence or awareness.

It’s really important to have a plan to tackle the feasting celebrations – maintaining or upping your workouts, and eating and drinking with a bit of restraint will take you a long way to surviving the holidays with both your sanity and your figure in-tact.

I do have some problems with self-control around ‘treats’ and have already had many days where I have eaten too much. I am trying very hard to balance those days with ‘light’ eating days, or a bit more exercise. And I am pleased with how much I ate at our staff party last night. Although I ate more than I needed, I certainly didn’t guts myself like I have at other functions.

Plus, this morning, I got up and went for a run before breakfast and felt really good for it. I didn’t need to eat yet, and I got a nice calorie burn in (255 calories)

I’m not expecting to lose weight over Christmas, but I do hope to maintain where I’m at and then tackle being 100% (90%?) on track in the New Year.

Our workplace is organising a 12 week “Biggest Loser” style challenge in the New Year, and I will begin my efforts with a Diet Reset. I don’t really want to look at it as a Detox (our bodies do that efficiently enough) or a Fast, but just as a way to get my taste buds and body back into the mode of eating enough of the good stuff, putting things back into balance.

My Diet Reset plan is:

  • Day 1 – Liquids only: water, herbal teas
  • Day 2 – Vegetables
  • Day 3 – Protein
  • Day 4 – Fruits
  • Day 5 – Low GI Carbs
  • Day 6 – Dairy
  • Day 7 – Everything else

I’ll just add in each food group each day. Day 1 and 2 will be challenging, but once I get to Day 3 and add in protein I don’t think it’ll be too bad.

So, to summarise, my Holiday Survival Action Plan is:

  1. Try to avoid over-eating when at a function
  2. Balance out the ‘heavy days’ with ‘light days’ of eating
  3. Exercise a little more to help burn off a few of those treats
  4. Set realistic expectations
  5. Have a plan to reset and get back on a healthy eating schedule as soon as you can

Hope you have a plan that works for you!!

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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