It’s Never as Bad as You Think

I rode my bike again today for the first time in so long I can only describe the time as “yonks.”

bikeIt wasn’t a long ride.

It wasn’t a fast ride.

But it also wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Riding has always been my ‘weak link’ when it comes to triathlon (though I’m not the strongest swimmer or runner either, but that’s not the point of this little segue). I hate hills and I hate the wind – I feel like someone puts a rope around me and pulls me backwards, and it frustrates the hell out of me!

When I run up a hill or into the wind, it just doesn’t feel as bad.

But, just like when I put off riding TK for so long because I had built up this ‘oh my god this is going to suck’ nonsense in my head, riding my bike was the same way.

It didn’t suck.

I wasn’t winning any races, but it didn’t kill me and I could have kept going if I wanted to.

I have spoken to a friend who is a keen rider, but has lost many of her riding partners (they have moved, she hasn’t done anything horrible to them… hehe) and she is willing to sit on a slow short ride with me any time as I get built back up. When I apologised in advance and said, “I am going to be so slow, are you sure don’t mind?” and she laughed and said, “I need to train a new riding buddy and I’d love to do a social ride that is actually social!”

Segue: our old riding group used to go on ‘social rides’ that always left me huffing and puffing, falling off the back of the pack… social is 20kph, not 30+ in my book, but this other lot were just too fit, and too fast, and too competitive to hold back.

Loving the word segue (seg-way) – to transition smoothly from one melody, song, scene or topic to another. Don’t know how smooth my transitions are, but hey.. 😉

So anyway…

4km bike ride. Ave speed was 17kph. I was 3 minutes and 1.3 km behind my virtural partner, who thought I should go 24kph. Must put that virtual partner in check, he’s making me look bad.


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