Re-Naming the Week

One of the weird things I’ve done to try to encourage myself to train more consistently is to rename the days of the week.

Because Monday to Friday is just so Old School…


So, I have renamed each day after the main discipline I want to get done that day. So:

  • Monday is now Run-day
  • Tuesday is Bike-day
  • Wednesday is Swim-day
  • Thursday is Run-day
  • Friday is Swim-day
  • Saturday is Bike-day
  • and Sunday is Tri-day

I even have my new days of the week posted up on my fitness mirrors.

Sure, that’s better 🙂

Odd? Perhaps.

Effective? Possibly.

I really like Run-day and Tri-day. They are good names. And so far the only two new days that I have stuck to.

Swim day didn’t happen today because of the weather. Not my fault! The pool was shut!

I have no excuse for Bike-day. But I *have* pumped up my bike tyres!

But what I was thinking is that I can’t really have two Bike-days and two Swim-days and two Run-days each week.

I need to be more creative with the names.

Like maybe “Sprint-day” or “Lap-day” or …

Thoughts? Suggestions? 🙂


2 responses to “Re-Naming the Week

    • Actually Friday, which is also Swimday, is an easy day with a big note next to it: STRETCH & REST. 🙂
      (Besides, at this point, I’m not training so hard that I’m struggling to recover. I’m just in a build phase.)

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