New Years Resolutions

You’re thinking, “What? New Years Resolutions? Already!?”

It’s nearly Christmas – and therefore nearly New Years!


It’s also the start of real summer and time to take advantage of all the wonderful freshness and newness and enthusiasm that comes with this time of year.

Spring cleaning, long days, sunshine, swimming and being outside!

Now I’m humming that song… is that from the Sound of Music? … anyway…

You probably already know that I like planning and goal setting. In my mind there is a hierarchy of goal setting, each layer creating a platform for the next:

  • Level 1 – Resolution – the over-arching view or approach to the year ahead
  • Level 2 – Big Fat Hairy Goal – the one big crazy thing I am aiming for
  • Level 3 – Goals – the target events, dates and milestones to help me get where I am going
  • Level 4 – Plans, Schedules, Rosters – the ‘in the weeds’ day-to-day activities to help get me to the goals

I have set lots of goals, started making lots of plans and all the little things I wanted to accomplish, which has led me to start thinking about my New Year’s Resolution.

That’s the tricky bit, though isn’t it? 🙂

Because I have set such a big goal for this year – I am going to do the Blackwood Ironman again and maybe run a marathon, too – I need set a frame of mind for the year ahead.

In 2010 my Resolution was to approach the world with a greater sense of calm. I really felt this make a big impact on my anger and stress levels, particularly at work. And was probably an essential element of ‘keeping it together’ when fitting in work and all the training I was doing for the Blackwood Marathon.

In 2011 my Resolution was to criticize less and praise more. I can still be too critical and judgemental, but do try to be full of praise, and aware of when people need support and acceptance. I also became much more aware of how I speak about others to others. How you speak of someone is just as important as how you speak to them. Becoming aware of this, and focusing on it helped me be a better friend and boss, I hope 🙂

In 2012 I failed to set a Resolution. I set three more specific goals: get 6 pack abs, ride my horse in competition, rebuild my self-confidence. I didn’t get 6-pack abs, I did ride my horse, but not in competition, and I think I have made some wonderful headway on the self-confidence issues I was having, especially thanks to riding my horse again! In retrospect, I think I needed a Resolution like ‘focus on my strengths and accomplishments‘ to create more positivity in my life when I was feeling a little lost.

But, hey, hind-sight 20/20, right?

So, now in 2013, with big fitness goals looming, I have decided that my Resolution will be:

To live with great discipline



Well, with that motivation in mind….



Have you started thinking about New Years Resolutions yet?


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