Rookie Mistake

I did it again!

(Who else is singing along to Britney? Maybe it’s just me :P)

I failed to get out to the pool, out for a run, onto the treadmill, ride my horse, … all of it, all week.

I blamed the fact that I was coming back from holidays and ‘getting back in the groove of things’ and said I was tired, and thought I needed more sleep and … blah blah blah

Thought it’s true I have had a week of bad sleeps, the real fact is I made the same rookie mistake I made last time I trained for the Blackwood:

I set a big far out goal and it seemed so far off that there was no imperative, no pressure to get the training done now.

Although I set a bit of a schedule as far as distance running goals go – for example, I want to be back to 5km steady runs by January – I didn’t set any real target dates, I haven’t committed to any races, and I haven’t set any short-term goals.

So, here are my short-term (less than 3 months away) goals to work towards to compel me to train!

  • Saturday 26th January – Australia Day Fun Run – 5km – Bunbury
  • Saturday 2nd February – Dumbleyung Triathlon – Sprint Tri
  • Saturday 16th February – Wellington Dam Triathlon – not sure of the distance, but it’s an open water swim and a bit of a trail run. I have always wanted to do a Wellington Dam triathlon

This is getting me closer in three of five disciplines, but I will really need to set some kayaking and horse riding goals ASAP!

I’ll need to do a little more research I think!


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