My Hot Pink Lime Green Bathing Suit

I thought I would share the story of how I came to own a hot pink bathing suit that will not die!

When I first arrived in Katanning, I was coming off a holiday, and I had only a stripey bikini to wear. Not really a suitable triathlon training suit, I ordered a Speedo bathing suit through the local swimming pool.

It’s a mail-order system, so I looked through the catalogue, picked out my bathing suit, wrote up my order and paid my money.

Two weeks later I get a call from the pool manager: “Your hot pink bathing suit has arrived!”

“Uh, lime green.”

“No, it’s hot pink. Just like you ordered.”

“No, I ordered lime green…”

…Shuffling of paper….

“Oh, so you did. Hmm… Well now you have a hot pink lime green bathing suit!”

Now, I don’t know if you know this, but I have an aversion to pink.

Seriously, pink is NOT a good colour on me.

Hot pink is worse.

But despite efforts, Speedo would not take the bathing suit back and I paid a pretty penny for it, and wasn’t going to pay for a second one, and I needed a bathing suit.

So, into my hot-pink-lime-green bathing suit I went.

And that’s taken in the dark!

I figured after a summer, it’d die and I’d buy a new one.

That was SEVEN YEARS ago!

This bathing suit WILL NOT DIE!

I don’t know what they made it from, but it’s not your typical spandex suit… But I tell you what: I sure got my money’s worth!

Now, though it has been around for seven years and I really shouldn’t be wearing it anymore (I mean really, I can buy myself a new bathing suit…) but it’s SO hard to justify spending money on a bathing suit (that will probably die in one summer) when I still have a perfectly good – if not attractive – bathing suit!

I would go out and buy a lime-green one if I came across one though, just to complete the circle.


2 responses to “My Hot Pink Lime Green Bathing Suit

    • Yeah, this tends to show the bulges – and there seem to be more of them every year…
      But I wear it to swim, and I’m not too worried about looking good while floundering through the water. 🙂

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