Super Saturday Weekend Recap

Michelle Bridges advocates a Super Saturday as part of her 12 Week Body Transformation. Basically, she suggests doing an awesome double-dose workout every Saturday to really hit your body with the calorie burn!

Susie Burrell advocates a light food day following a big food day, or an extra workout to compensate for an indulgence to keep things in balance.

So I tried to implement both those principals into my weekend, by eating light and healthy, and being really active, especially since my Friday wasn’t a stellar day.

Often my Saturdays are a bit of an indulgent day, and I just snack and am less active than I could be.

But this Saturday I did HEAPS!

  • walk/run 1km (I ran most of it with minimal foot discomfort)
  • ride horse (he was SO GOOD!)
  • wash dogs
  • wash car
  • super scrub lounge room
  • made a delicious Tuna Mornay
  • did heaps of laundry
  • found my bathing suit (oh that hideous monster!)
  • cleaned the dog beds
  • I even called my Mom (she wasn’t home) and made contact with friends! Yes, Me! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • and basically kept busy and cleaned the house. Don’t you love it when you’re done and the house is gorgeous? (Would you love it more if it stayed like that for more than a few minutes??? Yeah, me too…)

Sunday was a little different.

It was time again for the yearly Pool Lifeguard Requalification.

This involves a very boring multiple choice test, and plenty ofย  swimming and heavy lifting. More frequently, it means getting very cold, because invariably it is a cold windy day and early in the season the pool water hasn’t gotten warm yet.

Every year I ask myself why I keep on doing it. “Seriously, why am I here!?”

Call it habit.

But we went, we swam, we conquered!

And I pulled a groin muscle.


It’s not serious, but it’s annoying, and it’s interfering with my plans! I was on a roll!

I still did Vive and Balance today, but certain moves were really uncomfortable so I had to modify quite a lot.

I think it’s really important to know your limits and workout at a pace that is comfortable for you. I really advocate that in my classes to my participants.

Today was a great opportunity to put that into practice and I felt quite connected with some of my older participants who struggle with some of the moves we do. There I was, doing exactly as they were, so I hope this makes me an even more aware of options available and ways I can cue to keep people feeling successful!

It feels a little better now, and I am sure if I keep taking it easy and don’t re-aggravate the injury I will be healed and back into training by the end of the week.


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