I’m Losing Pump

I have a great (okay, adequate and evolving) training plan and am slowly building it into my routine, though I do have a few things to do in the immediate future:

  1. Dust off my bike and pump up the tyres and get on it
  2. Find my dumb bathing suit or buy a new one (gotta tell you the story about my hot-pink-lime-green bathing suit one day)
  3. Ride my horse

Regarding point 1, I should get to that for next week, and will ride my bike to the pool and back next Wednesday morning for the start of my morning swims!

Regarding point 2, I am pretty sure I know where I put the hideous thing away last year and will dig it out so it’s ready to go next Wednesday morning. Actually, more importantly, I need it for Sunday for the pool guard re-qualification…. better get onto that…

Regarding point 3, my plans are to ride this weekend. I was going to ride TK last weekend but the weather was so wild and scary and windy that there was NO way I was going out in that on a horse that hasn’t been ridden in ages.

Icky icky scary! Wind, hail, rain, no thank you!

But in addition to all of my Blackwood training plans (running, cycling, swimming, riding 3 times each per week), I am still teaching 3 Vive and 2 Balance classes a week.

In the last year, I’ve given up 2 x Seniors Gym and 2x Aqua Aerobics classes, and am now realising that even though I want to, I just can’t do HEAL either. It was unrealistic to try to fit that in to an already busy work day and am hand-balling that one off, too.

It is a real challenge to fit all that in during the day, plus trying to keep the Centre running reasonably well. And all these things all take more time than just the hour of the class, because there is practice, training and prep to go into it all as well!

And the time it seems I am most likely to give up, trade in, or use for another purpose is Pump time.

It’s Pump time now, and I am using this time to catch up on my blog, but more often I use this time to train for Vive or Balance, or get groceries or even just make dinner. And since I have no responsibility to the program, I don’t usually feel too bad about missing out.

But the thing that sucks is that Pump is really the only resistance training in my whole training plan. I was going to do Pump just once a week on a Wednesday, but I’m not sure that I am realistically going to do that. This time between work and Balance has become quite useful for other things. It does put a bit of a spanner in the works doesn’t it?

I guess what I have to decide is if I really feel that I need Pump and just make the commitment to go.

It’s how we get everything else done: we just decide to do it, and do it, right?

Or do I just do push ups, squats and lunges at home in my own time, tacked on to the end of another workout?

That seems unlikely, though, really.

But strength training is an important part of a well-rounded workout program and I really do need to decide how to fit it in, and if it means losing Pump, where will I pick up the pieces?

Of course, Bootcamp is a great all-rounder style workout that involves plenty of resistance training. And if I don’t miss that, I can then skip Pump, can’t I? But Tuesday mornings are meant to be a cycle day…

Ugh! Choices!

Sometimes I just don’t want to make them!

What would you pick?

Pump, Bootcamp, or an Add-On Workout!


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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