I think I’ll take up running

My feet are finally feeling good enough to feel confident about getting out there and hitting the pavement again!!


Happy Feet!

Yesterday I missed Bootcamp. I slept in a little, I guess I needed a big rest due to that little swim on Monday! Oy vey!  Anyway… I decided to get up and still have a short workout, so I did some barefoot walking and jogging on the treadmill.

Now it wasn’t long, since I slept in, and didn’t have a whole lot of time, but I did 10 minutes of intervals, including a couple of runs at 8kph, and one at 9kph for a solid 45 seconds. This workout wasn’t so much designed to challenge my fitness, but to check my feet out.

They have been feeling so good since the gypsy magic wand came into my life, and I wanted to see what they would put up with. 9kph for 45 seconds is actually a pretty decent speed and duration barefoot for me – the best I’ve done so far – and I felt none of that burning in the balls of my feet that I usually do when I’ve done this in the past.

After the brief run, I did a quick once-over with the gypsy magic wand on both feet (2-3 minutes per foot) and the decided to see just see how things went. Was it okay, was it too much? My heel was just gingerly tender right after the run, but very quickly it eased off and..

Well, my feet felt just fine and dandy!

Thank you Gypsy Magic Wand!

Granted, this wasn’t the hardest workout I’ve ever imposed on myself, but the last time I did 90 seconds total jogging barefoot I was sore for days, so I feel confident that the gypsy magic wand, the barefoot walking, extra stretching of the toes and feet are making a difference. Enough of a difference that I am going to try a few walk/runs outside – with shoes on – and see how I pull up afterwards.

Yay!! I am so looking forward to running again.

I’m not looking forward to it being hard again. You know how it’s always hard at first, and then slowly it gets easier and more fun? Yeah, that part is going to suck, but it will get easier and it will get fun again. 🙂

And I am going to be sure to just do short, gentle, progressive runs. I’m not going to head out and try for 5km on my first day back into it. Let’s see how we go at just getting around the racetrack once. 🙂

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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