Just like the Polar Bears Do!

This may be Australia, and it may be late spring, but it’s still not swimming weather!

Last night the overnight low was 6 degrees Celsius. The high today was around 18. Plus clouds, cold winds and spots of cold rain.

Really, even for a Canadian, this is not swimming weather.

But despite those statistics, the pool is due to open tomorrow and therefore, the blankets, which got tangled in a mess when the winds blew them onto, into and around one another, and shoved all three blankets up against the far side of the pool, needed to be removed from the pool.

Now, these aren’t some little flimsy blankets. They are BIG, 50 meter, three lane wide blankets that require a giant reel and machine to load them on and off. These are not to be moved by hand.

And yet, today, that is precisely what we did.

Jen, Kobie, Lisa, Zac and I got into the pool, which was supposedly 19 degrees, but felt more like:

Seriously, it felt that cold!

Getting in was a trick.

Kobie and I chose the slow and steady method, while the others did the ‘jump right in’ trick.

All of us made squealing and grunting noises, gestures, and comments that would have been rude anywhere else. But given the circumstances, completely acceptable!

Fortunately, we warmed up quickly, as we heaved and hauled and wretched and floundered to untangle, straighten up and manoeuvre these blankets into place to be wound up onto the big spools.

There was plenty of grunting, huffing, puffing, cursing and laughing.

It was a hell of a workout, to be honest!

But after 30 minutes, we got them all out and ourselves into hot showers!

You know when you’re so cold that warm water BURNS like your fingers and toes are on fire? Yeah, that’s how we felt!

But there was a great sense of satisfaction and comradeship around the fact that we were the first in the pool, the first for the season, and we braved the cold and did this challenging job together.

Just like the Polar Bears Dippers do!

I don’t think I’ll be making Wednesday morning’s early swim session, knowing that the pool is that cold. I think I might wait until we’ve had a few more sunny days and can get that water temp up over 20!


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