A gypsy fixed my foot!

At the Show I got sucked into a stall of a guy giving massages and selling all kinds of massage devices.

Chair massagers, back massagers, and wand massagers.

He was giving a massage to a co-worker who talked me into sitting down and “you gotta feel this massager! It works right through your shoes!”

So I let him run this thing over my foot, and I was like “WOAH! That is so cool! I bet that would make my foot feel GREAT!!”

So he promptly took off my shoe and worked some sort of magic on my foot.

As I have (over)mentioned, plantar fasciitis gives me some grief, and after this massage I had almost no foot pain for two days!!

Two days!

It was heaven.

So I bought one of the little magic wands.

I paid a pretty penny for it. Lots and lots of shiny pennies, in fact.

I probably got a bit ripped off. But at the same time, my foot feels bloody delightful!

After Bootcamp this morning my foot got pretty sore again.

Bloody tyres!! 🙂

By the time I finished Vive this evening, my foot was screaming again.

So tonight I spent just 15 minutes with this heavy duty vibration machine (with heat setting, thank you very much) and my foot feels frickin’ awesome again!

So three cheers for Gypsy spruikers at the local fair!! 🙂

Hip Hip Hooray!! 🙂


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