What tomorrow may bring

Expect no post for two days.

I’m not going anywhere, but it’s going to be a bit of a full-on weekend, because it’s our annual Show (Fair) and the whole building and the whole town is involved and they take over the WHOLE facility, inside, outside, and even the sheds and outbuildings. It’s a big deal.

Saturday morning is a 5am start at work (yes, that’s correct, no typo there) and it’s a full-on day of running around helping people find the things they need.

By 8am I’ll have helpers, cleaners, and kiosk staff.

At 10:30 C* and I are teaching 20ish minutes of Balance, followed by me participating in Attack (low options only, I promise).

Then 1:45pm I’ll be in the crowd doing Pump, followed by teaching with A* and K* on stage for Vive.

Finally at 4:15pm I’ll be a participant in Konga, and then I can go home!

I fully expect to crash and burn, which is why I changed the sheets today – they’ll be clean and delightful tomorrow, which means a better sleep!

Saturday is a 6am start, and I’m just on-call all day.

But there’s a spanner in the works – I might be running around a little extra Saturday and Sunday to make sure that K*, our tech-spert has everything he needs to get our new server installed (YAY!)

All in all, a busy weekend, but in the end, always worth it for the community spirit and pride we all feel when it’s over! 🙂

So see you next week!


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