My New Training Plan

So, the enthusiasm hasn’t worn off. I really want to do the Blackwood again, which requires a training plan! (Oddly, this is one of my favourite parts of training… developing the plan…)

Of course, it’s a bit sketchy, and the details still to be worked out, because I’ve only had a few minutes to invest in it (it’s been a busy week) but I am working on a rough guide based on some of the advice from Tim & Sarah Weise, the two most successful Blackwood Iron people ever – Sarah winning 11 times (once while 5 months pregnant!) and Tim 12 or 13 times.

So, basically, they suggest 2 x 45 minute workouts per day, with no more than 3 sessions of each discipline per week. They also highly recommend interval training for one session of each discipline each week.

So, based on the assumption that I can get my feet right (which weren’t too bad the other day, but I was so excited about the book I forgot to mention it) this will be my basic plan, all things subject to change at a whim, of course. 🙂

  • Monday: Morning Run intervals and Paddle (block training), Body Vive, evening Body Pump (totally optional and probably very rarely) and Body Balance
  • Tuesday: Morning Bootcamp (optional) and Cycle, evening Body Vive and Konga Dance Fit
  • Wednesday: Morning Swim (all swims are with the Masters Swim program), evening Body Pump and Body Balance
  • Thursday: Morning Run hills, Body Vive, evening Ride Horse (may need to reconsider schedule, depending on time of year – maybe knock off early or do in morning and run in evening on treadmill??)
  • Friday: Morning Swim and Cycle, evening paddle or rest or Body Balance
  • Saturday: Run long, Ride Horse and Cycle (block training)
  • Sunday: Swim and Ride Horse (block training) and/or maybe a trip to the lake (if there’s water in it) or the Blackwood for a REAL paddle!?

Biggest problem with this schedule, clearly, is there is not sufficient rest, so it definitely requires a little tuning in.

But those paddle sessions aren’t likely to be too often or too strenuous until closer to the date when I will make a greater effort to be doing location training. Also, the pool isn’t open for another few weeks, and then when it closes in April I will not be able to swim again, unless I travel the hour and bit to Narrogin to train indoors, so there won’t be that much swimming all year round.

So, while this looks ridiculous, it’s also based on ‘everything that could possibly happen at any time’.

Anyway, that’s as far as I have gotten with it for now. Must head to bed.

Monster weekend ahead. Training plan kicks in Monday!

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