Maybe it’s Monday

Weird day.

I had a lovely weekend, and though I wanted another day off (who doesn’t, really?), I went to bed early and thought that I would be pretty prepared for the day.

Yeah, I was wrong.

For some reason I was totally nervous, like, jittery nervous, about Vive this morning. And it was a shocking class.

The worst part was the lack of energy and verve. Really, I can’t believe how flat I felt.

Nervous and flat. Now that’s a weird combo.

Anyway, I suffered from this lack of pizazz all day.

I had lots to do, and accomplished little.

I was grumpy, tried and negative.

Maybe it was just because it was Monday?

Oh, and I had some random pain in my left bicep. What’s that about? It hurt enough that I skipped out on Pump, because I didn’t want to aggravate it.

Instead, I did my 30 minutes barefoot walk (with a whole 90 seconds of jogging), followed by lots of rolling and stretching before Balance.

Hopefully Tuesday will be better. It’s going to start with a Bootcamp at 6:15am (what am I thinking??), and I’ll be poking my nose in to our Women’s Fitness Morning and enjoying Konga and maybe teaching a few Balance tracks!! Then will end the day with Body Vive.

Should be a live one! 🙂


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