Why I Struggle with Food Diaries

Now I think I know why I fail at keeping food diaries.

It’s boring.

Look at this boring food. It’s the same again and again.

I have toast for breakfast, I eat leftovers for lunch and dinner until I run out, then I have an instant something until I get my proverbial in gear and make something else.

And really, I don’t have the time, or the inclination for that matter, to make something new each night.

Thursday’s Eats
Usual breakfast, plus protein shake, banana, fromage frais, biscuits, lasagna and brownies.

I tried D’s brownie recipe, but something went wrong… they will end up in the bin. I will have another go at them.

I think I made two mistakes. First, I used wholemeal flour, and the density may have affected the texture. Also, I think there wasn’t enough egg to bind them – it called for 2 large and I only had medium eggs. So everything sort of ‘fell apart’ and the butter all rose to the top, then cooled and sunk to the bottom, so they were greasy and grainy at the same time.

Seriously, I’m usually a much better baker than that.





I only had 4! 🙂


Lunch and Dinner


I had two pieces, but it wasn’t good. Something went wrong… :/


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