When Good Teachers Go Bad

I don’t claim to be the best instructor in the world.

But I am enthusiastic and I do love what I do.

So it can be frustrating when things don’t go well.

I completely flogged myself on Sunday to learn two new tracks for the new Vive class. Originally we were going to launch on Tuesday, and do a mix of old and new on Monday morning, but we were feeling pretty confident about the new one and who wants to do the old one anyway?

So I just worked and worked and worked on these two tracks, one in particular, that I needed to learn for Monday, and finally got there!

Feeling confident, I went in to teach the new release this Monday morning and completely flubbed up one of the tracks.

I just kept going and I kept everyone moving, but it’s no good when the person on stage with you is doing something completely different because they actually know what they’re doing and you’re making stuff up as you go along.

In fact, at one point I actually said “Do whatever!”

Just do whatever!! šŸ™‚

Yeah, great cueing, chick.

No one really cared, everyone laughed, we moved on. And I didn’t really beat myself up over it. I know I got made fun of a little, but hey, really, I learned it in a day.

Shit happens, right?

Then I went to Balance that same evening and then whammo, right in the middle of the class, I go to teach back track, which I have done many times before and I totally BLANKED out!

Part of me was trying to do the new Vive back track, and the rest of my brain just couldn’t pull it together. I had NO idea what I was doing and was quite literally just cueing what I was seeing C* do!

Yeah, wow, right?

Frustrated with myself I got grumpy šŸ˜¦

And then it got worse.

I was a bit overbearing in the next track, and actually said “Don’t just leave your arm flapping around randomly! Put it on your shoulder!” and kind of chuckled at someone’s attempt to do a move.


I got over my bad self, and got myself together. Seriously, what was going on in this wee brain of mine!

I had to apologise to the class.

Luckily, my Balance participants are really understanding.

How do you feel when you have an instructor go rogue on you? Or how do you feel when you go wrong when you’re teaching?


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