I finally taught a WHOLE Body Vive all by myself!

Doesn’t sound like much really, I know. I teach stuff all the time.

I have taught every track, team-taught nearly every session of Body Vive that we have held, and yet, I had not yet taught the whole thing the whole way through all by my lonesome.

And since tonight was the last session of release 23 for us, and it’ll be all 24 and new moves and music starting Monday, well, it was now or never!

I practised and practised and even though there were a few hicups – what’s with the timing on track 8?! – in the end, I feel like I did REALLY well, and in fact, I totally NAILED the dreaded Track FOUR!

It was heaps of fun!

And I had 17 awesome people do the class. At our centre, that’s virtually max capacity!!

I came home ravenous! Oh my goodness! Doing Vive three times in a row certainly works up an appetite. Time for serving number two of pasta, sauce and cheese. Serving one didn’t even touch the sides!!


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