Day Eight – Holy Productive, Batman!



What you are looking at may seem innocuous, but this is what 7 hours of labour, one trailer load to the tip (rubbish dump), one load of stuff to be relocated, one load of scrap metal for recycling and hours and hours of mowing, whipper snipping and raking looks like.

It all started with the goal of minimising snake activity around the house and led to a great clean up!

I still wonder where all this stuff comes from?

I am sure someone is tossing things over our fence…

But I digress.


My shoulders and back know all about the work I did today. I am going to be so very sore tomorrow

Can I get TWO check marks for today!?

6/8 for the holidays – and almost all of it was done in the garden!

Time to eat, then the plan is to get up early and start ‘real’ training first thing in the morning.

Big day tomorrow, lots to catch up on!

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