Day Two – This Means War

Forgive the late post and lack of photo, but I am writing on my phone, trying to be discreet. It is a bit rude to be blogging while sitting around with real life people…
Anyway, day two I got up and did an exercise DVD called war (power music Australia) which is basically an aeroboxing class. It was good fun, and by track four I was thinking “no more” and by track seven I was near to shattered and having trouble keeping up!
It has been ages since I’ve done that high intensity of a workout. I did it barefoot which really helps me be aware of my footfall and keeps the impact at a level that so far seems to have kept my feet safe from PF pain.
There was a really cool pushup move in the strength track.
Try this at home: set up for a push up on knees or toes. Put one hand in chest press position. Put the other in tricep press position. Pushup. Switch hand positions and repeat.
Tell ya what, that got in!
Between all the punches and those pushups, my back, shoulders and triceps are still reminding me of that workout!
Briefly, in other news, we headed off to Wagin to watch my cousin race go carts. That was good fun, but guess who forgot her phone, and therefore camera, at home?
Yeah, me.
So, no photos.
But after we got back home we decided to head to Margaret River to visit family and maybe search for a new car!
Let you know how it goes.:)


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