I’m On Vacation

Yesterday I didn’t do any exercise.


I was going to do Vive, but I had meetings. And for some reason most meetings happen at 10am.

And so does Vive.

There must be something cosmically significant about 10am…

But I digress…

So, I missed out on Vive, and then I had to organise someone to work the night shift (six casual employees, not one of them available?) in a pinch, and come in and close. None of those things bothered me, but I didn’t get a workout in at all.

And you may recall I went through all this chat about how I bought a treadmill and I was going to walk on it if I was watching TV and I was going to walk on it any day I wasn’t doing some other form of exercise?

Yeah, I remember saying that, too.

Now, when I bought my treadmill, my sister said, “Congratulations, you’ve bought a clothes hanger” and as yet I have not hung any clothes on it!!

Go me!

And I have used it, up until Vive started happening and I was getting enough exercise from that, and doing Pump regularly, and Balance, and launches and training …

So I had great excuses not to go on the treadmill.

But yesterday I didn’t do any of those things and I still didn’t go on it.

And I am not looking good for today either.


That’s okay, because I’m on vacation!

Not anywhere so exotic…. but one can dream.
Source: http://theromanticvineyard.com/2012/06/01/unpacking-for-vacation/

No, we’re not actually going anywhere special or fancy or exotic.

But we are getting away, going to see friends and family, and maybe even staying home and doing nothing if that’s what grabs us.

But going ‘on vacation’ is a poor excuse for not doing exercise. In fact, it can be one of the best time to do exercise! You don’t have to try to squeeze exercise in around work. Even though I work at a gym and sometimes even get paid to exercise, I know how difficult it can be to fit it in!

So, my challenge over the next 7 days is to exercise every day. Whether it be walking the dogs, or doing some Vive practice, or gardening, I intend to exercise every day while on this vacation. In fact, I have a few DVDs and Bootcamp exercises that I would like to find time to try.

This break from work is going to be good for my mental health, and exercise every day is even better for it!

I am hoping the next 7 days leaves me feeling energised and relaxed and ready to tackle everything that summer brings on!


4 responses to “I’m On Vacation

  1. Exercising while on vacation is always the hardest time to fit it in for me, but I always feel so good when I am able to do it! It’s okay that you missed a day, especially since you are committing to seven days in a row – that’s awesome! Good luck and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks emmagreenie! I might be setting my sights a little high, because being on vacation has all those ‘taking a break’ feelings, and it’s hard to commit to a workout, but realistically I am sure I can do it!!

      • I totally know what you mean! Either way though, you deserve applause for even hoping to work out while on vacay… I bet that 99% of the world doesn’t even THINK about it, so you are already miles ahead of nearly everyone 🙂

      • Thanks again Emmagreenie. I didn’t make my 7/7, but indeed, if I hadn’t thought about it and hadn’t set the goal, then I really only would have done those two days of gardening, and nothing else. Because I had that goal in mind, I made the point of having a walk with a friend when we could have just had a coffee or something. So I’m pretty pleased to have done as much as I did, despite not meeting my full target.
        Now, back to work and back to real training!!

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