What’s News?

You know how it gets in Spring?

Everything and everyone comes out of the wood work?

Everyone gets a spring cold.

People start getting together, getting active, reconnecting, looking at their summer wardrobe and their winter weight and rushing to the gym.

Yup, that’s what has been happening here.

Not only has work been really busy with some major events, carnivals and conferences, but the fitness side of things has been really heating up, too!

I’ve been Viving my butt off and loving it! I am teaching Vive usually three times a week most weeks, and it is so good for me!I love that I have found something athletic and fun that I can do that doesn’t make my Plantar Fasciitis burn, but still challenges me physically enough that I know I working out and making a positive contribution to my fitness and health.

And did I mention that it is heaps of fun?

We have also been up to our eyeballs in new releases.

Body Pump launched last Monday and Claire and I are launching the new Balance release tonight. I hope we get heaps of people!

This is one of those weird releases that takes time to grow on you. When I first did it at the Workshops I thought, “Oh man, this is going to be so hard, people will hate this, how will I ever learn it” and as many other negatives as you can imagine!

But it took only two or three goes to really learn it, and it just grew on me so much! I am really loving this release.

The only negative of this release is that it really highlights my abdominal weakness. My obliques just can’t/won’t do some of the moves this release demands. Maybe it’s just that my legs are so heavy, but seriously, I can’t do the round the world leg extension move. It KILLS me!!

Note to self: get stronger abs.

In other news (and this is the exciting bit), I am going to be featured in a book about the Blackwood Marathon!

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Iron Man competition of the Blackwood Marathon, and the author of the history found my blog and called to ask a few questions and to find out if it’s okay if I am featured in the book, due out in about 2-3 weeks!?

Why on earth would I say no? That’s so cool! I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I know more!! 🙂


I am also hoping to bring you a review of a new fitness/diet app that is in the works. I just got a quick note from the developer asking if I’d be interested in trying and reviewing the app, and I certainly said “yes!”

Once again, I hope to be sharing a whole lot more in the near future!

I think I have settled in to the new routine and can say that I’m living at the speed of Spring now, so I expect to be blogging more regularly again!


2 responses to “What’s News?

  1. I did the final edit for the Blackwood Ironman book a couple of days ago (4/10) and it is in production. 460 pages with over 400 photos with every Blackwood ironman’s performances and many stories! It will be on available at the event this year (Oct 27th, 2012) or I can be contacted at blackwoodstories@hotmail.com – author Clive Choate

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