If all the lights went out…

If all the lights went out, and the power stopped, and all the modern conveniences of the modern world disappeared or stopped working, I would miss hot water the most.

Sure, I’d miss electric lights, refrigerated food, TV, telephone, internet. I’d miss cars and appliances and bread makers and electric blankets and air conditioning, too.

But not so bad as I’d miss instant hot water.

The restorative power of a hot shower is unparalleled. It can wake you up in the morning, or ease you into bedtime. It can ease your aching body or give you 10 to 20 minutes of pure solitude and peace.

Or a hot bath once in awhile – the opportunity to soak and luxuriate and ease the kinks out of sore muscles is such a treat.

God, I wish I had a bath tub!

And on the days when you really need a hot bath or a hot shower, it’s hard to imagine taking the time and effort needed to collect water, heat it, and draw a bath. How many buckets of water would it take to fill a bath tub? 50? 100?

It’s those times, when you are so out of gas, so sore, so fatigued, that the sheer hedonism of having hot water out of a tap, on demand, when you want it, is not taken for granted.

This last fortnight was massive. And it seemed it was true for everyone I know.

Spring is in the air, even if the calendar or the weather disagree. Everyone is coming out of the wood work. Things are happening all around and everyone is feeling the increased pace and demand.

Since I last posted I have trained for Body Vive, then practised as much as possible, launched the program twice on Tuesday night, and once on Thursday morning (thankfully not alone, cuz that would have killed me). We also made a quick dash to visit the inlaws, and I went to Northam for a conference on Wednesday, while trying to keep myself from turning into a banshee or burning out everyone around me because of all the events we were setting up and tearing down and rearranging at work.

It really has been two of the busiest weeks at work for the year and everyone I know was in the same boat. So much going on at work, as a volunteer, in life in general. I think everyone needed a long hot bath by Friday night!

Happily, the worst is over now, and although it will remain busy, we can settle into the new pace of spring life.

I still have a weekend of Body Vive training to do, lots of cleaning that hasn’t gotten done in weeks, and just generally taking some time to take care of the things that got left behind.

What would you miss most if all the modern conveniences switched off?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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