Vive la Difference!

New Obsession!!

Les Mills Body Vive!

If you haven’t heard of Vive, it’s a Les Mills pre-choreographed program that is a low-impact cardio and toning class, using a resistance band and ‘vive-ball’. It’s a fun combination of Pump, Balance and low-impact Attack moves. It also has a great mix of music, including classics I grew up with – it really targets my age group perfectly. You can’t help but have fun if you can sing along, right?

To me, it’s the missing link in our fitness class offerings. It’s fun, offers lots of options for those new or returning to exercise,  but enough challenge that even the fit will get a workout out of it. It’s also – I hope – less intimidating than the other classes, which hopefully means that those who are too scared to come to Pump or Attack won’t be too afraid to come to Vive.

I have wanted Vive at our centre since it launched … how many years ago now? We are training on release 23, so it’s been a long time coming, and I do hope it lives up to my expectations!

A group of us got our training packs and are practising our tracks. I am doing peak cardio and back/core. The core track is going to be pretty easy to nail, but I am shocked at how poor my cardio fitness is right now!

Since the PF has really held me back from running and Attack, I haven’t been doing any serious volume of aerobic training. The cardio section of Vive has me puffing and sweating like an Attack class now!!

The good news is that my feet are in much better shape at the end of a Vive session than an Attack or running session, so I may have found a way to get fitter without killing my feet. So far only a bit of heel tenderness, not any of that “I can’t walk, I want to die” pain.


This reminds me of one of the Les Mills campaigns recently that said “Fitness Classes have Changed, Have You?” (or something to that effect) and it makes me think of how often our abilities and strengths and priorities change throughout our life.

Six months ago I would have been so much fitter and so much more ready to teach this program with ease. Now, it’s a bit more challenging, because things have changed. I think having this in mind is a good reminder for me when dealing with participants and people who want to get in shape: focus on your needs now, and don’t worry about what used to be.

So Vive Training is 4th and 5th, and assuming everything goes well, we’ll be launching on 14th (evening session) and 16th (daytime session).

This afternoon S* is coming over and we’re going to do a bit of training. I think we’ll focus on doing our tracks over and over, though it is fun to do the whole thing through. I guess we’ll decide when she gets here.

I know I won’t be teaching regularly, because I have so many other commitments, but I plan to participate routinely to keep fit and stay prepared to fill in when I’m needed.

As always, I will let you know how it all goes!


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