What are we going to work on today?

When I go for a horseback ride, I tend to think about what I am going to work on for the ride.

For example, one of our first rides out I focused on my position so I was strong and secure in the saddle.

On another, I focused on having TK walking with a relaxed neck and head.

Sometimes we focus on speed, or turning, or I work on my hands and softness.

When we went for our ride today I though I would need to work on grass diving.

I should be so lucky!

Within a few steps out of the gate Nero had a spack-attack and went squealing and gallumping up the fence at us, stirring TK up so much I had to pull him into a one-rein stop.

3 times in a row!!

But after the third time he walked off calmly and we carried on.

We walked, trotted and (YAY) cantered! It wasn’t long, but it felt so good!!

I felt secure and centred in my seat, and TK seemed reasonably relaxed and well balanced. I had a good leg position for most of it, but when that old habit of mine – to shift the left leg forward and right leg back – popped up, I noticed that TK got less balanced and I let him pull himself back up into a trot again.

We walked back home, but only a short distance from home, but out of visual range of the house, we could hear Nero scream again, and TK gave a little rear and tried to take off, so one more one-rein stop!


Four one rein stops in one ride!? That’s a record! I haven’t had to use the one-rein stop since our first ride out, I’m pretty sure!

Glad it still works!

But it was a beautiful day and a great ride other than that!

Not that I’m making excuses for him, but it was a rare warm and sunny day, the boys are getting fat on fresh green feed, and TK didn’t have a ride last week. I noticed he had been getting a bit argy-bargy this week and not behaving at his best, so he really was full of beans and needed to be worked.

Relaxing in the sun after a nice little run.

I hope we have this lovely weather again tomorrow so I can take him out again for another good ride!


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