Has Spring Sprung?

Probably not, but this weekend is positively divine!

Everyone is outside, soaking up the sunshine and gosh it feels good!

Flowers in bloom, bright clear skies, and nearly 20 degrees!

I  wish it would stick around but rain is forecast for the whole week ahead, so I better make the most of it.

The week has been full of lots of fun and adventures.

First, S* and I picked up my treadmill!

YAY I have a treadmill!!

The irony is that since the weather has been so fine this week, and that it’s been school holidays and I have been able to get away from work at decent times, I have only had one walk on it!

Instead, on the day I picked it up, I took the dogs out for a *real* walk!

A silly little part of me is tempted to try to teach Little Miss how to walk on it … how cute would that be?

The one time I did walk on it I was focusing on strengthening my feet. After the Bluff Knoll climb I did take pretty good care of my feet, but I was still sore thanks to good old Plantar Fasciitis (PF). One of the ways I’ve been advised to reduce the PF pain is through strengthening the feet with barefoot running, as well as toe scrunches, stretches and rolling.

So I walked, with shoes on, for about 5 minutes to warm up, then popped the shoes off and walked for about 7 minutes.

I noticed I had a really firm heel strike and more or less slapped the surface with the forefoot at a walk. The balls of my feet really started to sting and get hot – which is a good indicator that I am going to experience PF pain later on. It’s how my feet feel when I do Attack and then can’t walk the next day.

So, I turned the speed down and focused on walking more quietly or lightly.


I couldn’t make my foot strike super light and quiet, but the stinging went away, which I thought was a good sign that I was heading in the right direction.

Then I ran at 9kph for about 2 minutes. I was really pleased with my mid-foot-strike and my feet felt pretty comfortable, and as soon as they started to feel a big fatigued and I couldn’t maintain that nice stride, I just pulled back, walked a minute and then hopped off to stretch the feet.

Slow and steady is the only way to transition to barefoot running and I don’t want to risk causing more damage – this is supposed to be therapeutic, after all 🙂

The best news is that I didn’t have any PF pain the next day, so I think I’m on the right track!

Anyway, that’s enough. I think I’ll head back outside and enjoy a little more sunshine 🙂


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