Bucket List: Climb Bluff Knoll

Put another tick on the Bucket List!

So far this year I have done:

  1. Ride My Horse again (20th May)
  2. Adopt animals who need us (adopted Little Miss on 11 June)
  3. Climb Bluff Knoll – today! 🙂

My friend E* has climbed Bluff Knoll several times, her husband also lots of times, and Mat has climbed it now 5 times. But I had never been, and neither had Z* – who is a whole 9 months old – so we decided it was about time I got my butt up to the top.

The Stirling Ranges and Porongurup Ranges are rather unique, and ‘just around the corner’ from us. They are a couple of neighbouring ‘mountains ranges’ that just poke up out of the flat country-side. It really is quite stunning.

I have climbed up to the Castle lookout on a different mound in the Porongurups ages ago, but Bluff Knoll is the ‘iconic’ climb. 3-4 hours return, quite challenging, but easily doable in a day.

At 1,095 metres above sea level, Bluff Knoll is the highest peak in the south-west of Western Australia. The main face of the bluff forms one of the most impressive cliffs in the Australian mainland. It takes three to four hours to complete the six-kilometre return climb.

Now, in the grand scheme of things, Bluff Knoll is not really a mountain, but it is awfully big compared to the surrounding area. And there are plenty other climbs or walks to do. According to the DEC site the Bluff Knoll climb is of medium challenge. So I am fearful of what to expect at some of these hard walks!! Woo! Time to get my butt into a bit better shape 🙂

  • Walks:
    • BLUFF KNOLL – This 5 km return, 3-4 hour walk is of medium difficulty, if taken slowly.
    • TOOLBRUNUP – Hard 4 km, 3-4 hour walk has magnificent 360° views from the summit.
    • MOUNT MAGOG – Hard (pegs as markers for final kilometre to the summit), 8km 3-4 hour return walk.
    • TALYUBERLUP – Medium, 3 km 2-3 hour return walk.
    • MOUNT HASSELL – Medium 4 km, 1.5-2 hour return walk.
    • MOUNT TRIO – Medium 3 km, 1.5-2 hour walk.

One of the big problems with this climb is the weather and knowing what to wear! It’s winter, and cool, and the weather can be unpredictable at the top. Layers are important. I actually packed a suitcase with a full change of clothes and ugg boots just in case we got soaked!

Luckily, the weather was awesome and stayed dry.

We took turns carrying Z* up the hill, with Dad doing most of the work. In fact, he carried him 2/3 of the way up and all the way down! This is no small feat, because the climb was challenging. There were about 1000 stairs, and few of them were even, level or easy. Some steps were easily knee high, and other spots were just rocky paths.

But the views were stellar and even with the cold wind, we kept warm and cheery. Z* was a trooper too! He didn’t cry once, and even fell asleep!

It was such a great feeling of accomplishment, getting all the way up, and all the way down in one piece! It was definitely challenging, my legs, butt and knees were really working hard!

I stretched at the bottom, and felt pretty good, but when I got home I had to roll my feet, because I could barely walk once my shoes were off. My PF (plantar fasciitis) was really killing me! Fingers crossed a good roll out tonight and a good stretch tomorrow morning keeps the pain at bay.

There are more photos, but they will have to go up at another time…

For now, rest and recovery, a long hot shower, and something yummy to eat!! 🙂

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