Down for the count

After my awesome workout Monday, I was petty sore for days.

Thanks DOMS.

You suck.

But worse than that, I got sick. I went home Tuesday feeling pretty lethargic, mostly blaming the DOMS, but didn’t realise just how sick I was until the fever and sweating started.

After a full night of hot sweat-cold sweat, I was pretty sure the fever broke and tried to go to work, but didn’t make it in until after 10 on Wednesday, when the fever finally did clear up and then I just had the headache, stuffy head, body ache (or is that still DOMS?) and all that comes with a cold… but nothing a little cold & flu tablet can’t mask for work to get done.

But thanks to feeling crap and not getting great nights sleep over the last few days, plus some pretty massive work days, my workouts were limited to Balance on Wednesday, and today, Sunday, I played with my horse.

Actually, I had a friend’s horse-crazy daughter come by and we fed them, brushed them, and she got to ride bareback on TK for a little bit.

An hour of that, in the wonderful fresh air and sunshine, made me ready for a nann-nap 🙂

This cold is really dragging on, and I know it’s got so much to do with being worn down, and not eating all the nutrients I need.

What? You don’t get a full dose of vitamins from bread, peanut butter and bananas?

Who knew 😉

So, although all week I have been trying to make sure I eat well, and am taking lots of vitamins, and trying to get to bed early to get enough rest, I’m not sure how vigorous my workouts will be for awhile.

Seems like just one more set back, and it seems I have been sick a lot more this year than in any year I can think of in the past. How will I find the balance to take better care of myself while still accomplishing all my goals without wearing myself out!?

I guess it’s a game we all play, and it’s a balance we all have to work to maintain. Most of the time I feel like I have it in-hand, and though I tend to switch directions or slip a little, I think I spend more time on the ‘good health’ side of the see-saw… but when I go down the wrong way, I feel like I go a LONG way….

Anyway, enough of my fevered ramblings 🙂

Hope you’re having a great weekend, and if you’re in Canada,



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