Total Destruction

I mentioned that I was going to start getting Personal Training for a little nudge to get things back on track.

Well, I can thank Kez for a giant kick up the backside, not so much a nudge. šŸ™‚

Now it’s not that the 30 minute session was unreasonable. It was a really good all over body workout. Challenging but doable.

What was unreasonable was going to Pump and Balance afterwards.

Wanna talk about pre-fatiguing your muscles before the main workout?

Try 6kg dumbell overhead presses. And lots of weights, boxing, squats, rows, renegade rows, and push ups – all on the toes, thank you.

Then go to Pump and have to go down to 1kg weights in the shoulder track, have to stop twice in the tricep track, significantly decrease weight selection in squats, and backs butts and hamstrings.

Because you think you just might not make it to the end!

And then teach Balance and find yourself doing the low option ALOT because your legs are on fire, and your back is on fire and your belly is on fire!

My back muscles were so fatigued that I had to choose a pen based on how much pressure I had to put on it to write, because I was having back spasms when I had to press down firmly on the paper!


Not exaggerating!

By the way, this is a proud complaining! I still got through it, I was smiling a the end and pretty damned impressed with myself!

Now it’s time for a little rest and recovery and a few more stretches.

Next sessions: Wednesday Pump and Balance, Thursday PT session after work!


2 responses to “Total Destruction

  1. I find that the surest way to get sore is to do a workout with heavy weights and then do a lighter but quicker workout (like a step class) later in the the same day. Major pain guaranteed!

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