Attacking My Feet

No kidding!!

Thursday night I was asked to come to Attack again.

I haven’t been for ages. My feet hurt too much after an Attack class, and doing the low options is a challenge when I really want to do the high options. So I have avoided it.

However, the instructor had learned some new tracks, and asked me to come along, and do more low options.

And seriously, I can’t say no to K*.

I was at work to do a quick Balance training session with C* anyway, so headed off to the class when we were done.

As it turned out it was good I was there, because we had technical difficulties. The stereo STOPPED at one point. Not a stitch of noise!

I fiddled with the wires and buttons, but the damage was done and K* had to start over. It’s very difficult when you’re doing new material anyway and then have the music going wonky and even disappearing completely. She did such a good job. I might have wanted to cry if I were in her position, but she’s a real pro! πŸ™‚

So, while she plugged away through tracks one and two, I went and got the portable stereo system and set it up, and we got her back up and running in track three, which is where I really started my Attack class.

I admit, I did as much high option as I could, but I had to drop to low option often enough because my feet started burning, my legs were dying during the kicks and high knees and I seriously didn’t have the strength I used to, and finally because I thought I was going to DIE!! It was so hard!! LOL

I wish I had my Garmin on because it would have been really cool to see what it was doing. Spiking up at my Max Heart Rate on numerous occasions, no doubt!!

I actually felt pretty good physically when I got home, but was completely exhausted and ready for bed by 9pm.

The next morning, I had the tell-tale Plantar Fasciitis pain (PF = Painful Feet!) in force! And sadly, it lasted all day.

It sucked.

Even long runs don’t leave me hurting for the whole day.

I usually hurt for 15 minutes in the morning, and then get stretched out and feel fine. Maybe a little tender for an hour or so.

But I was limping at work. I was tender right to the end of the day. I rolled and rubbed my feet and they were still a bit tender the next morning, though finally came good.

So, I think I need to either genuinely do low options 100% of the way or just give up Attack all together.

My sister says it’s because I’m old.


Okay, Fine, Yes, Probably!

Getting old and broken sucks.

Avoid it if you can πŸ™‚


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