Lady of Leisure

I had a bit of a poor start to Juneathon, but you can completely blame Suzanne Collins.

I ripped through the first two books of The Hunger Games in about 8 hours each.

Of course, during those 8 hours I barely moved a muscle. Barely acknowledged the world.

It happens like that when I read sometimes. I just can’t stop. I must finish. Nothing else connects or matters except the characters in the book, the next page, the final chapters, the loose ends, the what nexts.

The weekend wasn’t a complete write off, but I spent a lot of time baking bread, laundry, mopping and scrubbing. I did some work outside in the yard, we had guests over, I did grocery shopping, and more.

I found these things to be really satisfying.

I’ve been enjoying the last few weekends at home, quietly, to myself.

I used to long for weekends away, and found the break really refreshing, but now I find them stressful, and not as restful as I would like. I come home to unwashed clothes and dirty floors and feel anxious about getting it done during the week, or annoyed about the hurried nature of trips back and forth.

Yes, lately, I would rather stay at home and be a lady of leisure and do what feels satisfying at the time. I don’t think I would find it satisfying over the long-term, I do need purpose and direction and goals in my life, but I find I am cherishing the weekends at home more and more. For a long time I’ve felt that my weekends have not been my own, and I really enjoy it when they are.

Saturday and Sunday were glorious days. Bright and crisp and clear, just the way I like them. But today, Monday, is cool and overcast. It wants to be a stormy winter day.

I did a few hours of Balance training and I think I have the first 5 tracks nailed, and a sense of the next 3. Didn’t even go over the last one yet.

I will do some practice with C* at 3 this afternoon. It should be fun (or funny, we’ll see), and I will play with TK, though I don’t think I’ll ride him in this weather. A bit of grooming and lunging should be good enough.

Maybe my treat for spending time with TK will be the start of Book 3 🙂

Have you read the books? See the movie?

How do you like to spend your weekends?

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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