Welcome to Juneathon!!

Today is the 1st of June, and therefore, the first official day of Juneathon.

To recap: the challenge for Juneathon is to be active every single day for the month of June, and blog about each workout, ideally within 24 hours.

You can check out the official rules and all that jazz here.

For my part, I have decided that I will accept as little as a 15 minute walk, and any interactions with my horses that are more than basic needs care. But I also will not say that if I did three hours of exercise on one day that it will give me a break for the next few days. There’s no maximum daily exercise – activity is activity.

I had done a little bit of a test-run leading up to today. It went pretty good. You can see updates for all of my workouts leading up to it in the last few posts. It was really motivating for me, and I did 8 days straight.

However, I got a little busy after Wednesday, so here’s a quick recap of the last two days and a brief look ahead.

– Wednesday night after my little nap, I went to Pump and taught Balance. 8 days of workouts in a row, thank you very much! Pump was fun, but in some ways ridiculously hard! I impressed myself, and the instructors, particularly in biceps (oh yeah, high five!) for getting through with bigger weights. Balance was fun, but I had to do low options on more than one occasion, because I was quite worn out. My legs were sore, of course, but nothing I couldn’t handle. It was my back that was killing me!! Oy vey!!

Oh, and weirdly, my right knee has been killing me in squats. Every time. Every week. I need to do really low range as we get started. I get surprised by it, like it catches, and it REALLY hurts, but about mid-way through the track I usually can get back to full range. Not sure what is going on there, because I can run on it, I don’t feel sore any other time, and I’ve tried a wide variety of alignment adjustments to see what I can do. So far, I haven’t figured it out, I just seem to need to warm up those muscles for a lot longer than usual.

– Thursday was a day off. I had a lot of work to do and I was sore. Breathing hurt. All the muscles between my rib cage screamed if I breathed deeply. Really, it was that tough of a workout. Not to mention how tough the new Balance back track is, and the last one has always been a gooder… so I’m getting a tripple-whammy of back challenges.

So, anyway, no workout on Thursday. Went out for dinner with the girls after work to celebrate H*’s last day. It was fun. I don’t get out enough, clearly. And I really still need to work on NOT INTERRUPTING. Geez!

Looking ahead…

I was almost going to have today off too, and then realised it’s actually the first day of Juneathon and there’s no better way to screw up the zen-like flow of a challenge streak by not doing it on the first day!!

So, depending on how today goes, I may do as little as my 15 minute walk, or as much as a 30 minute run on the treadmill – it started raining last night and it doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon.

– I have lots of Balance training planned for the weekend. I should get at least the first 5 tracks nailed down. Monday afternoon I will get together with C* for some more training, getting her on stage and in front of the mirrors.

– I will ride my horse at least once, and maybe go to Manjimup for a riding lesson.

– I would also like to get a 6-8km run in.

– And do a thorough clean of my bathroom. I was going to do my kitchen at first, as it is attached to the lounge room that got the once-over last weekend, but the bathroom needs it more.

Ah, but enough from me. Time to get to work and get productive!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!! 🙂


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