We can’t always be super

I was going to have a Wicked Wednesday.

Perform the Perfect Fitness Storm.

6-8km run, Pump and Balance.

I could have even swapped out the run and gone for a horseback ride. I had time.

Instead, I opted for a lie down.

I am knackered. Sore. Tired.

My back is killing me.

Hello, I’m the new Body Balance back track, and you will know you’ve done me for days and days…

Not to mention that on Monday I increased ALL my weights in Pump.

Sometimes a run is just what you need when you’re tired. Sometimes I can feel flat and blah and then get out there for a run and feel bloody awesome for days afterwards.

But today didn’t feel like “I’m just feeling lazy” – it felt like I needed a rest.

7 days of fitness in a row, with today shaping up to day 8, but scaled back a bit from the plan.

I am still doing Pump – it’s the launch. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. And I teach Balance – can’t really just ‘not show up’ eh? 🙂

So, I will still have a great workout today, but I had to throw in my cape and say “I’m not Superman/girl/woman. I’m only human, and I need a break.”

I’ll let you know how the launch goes tonight 🙂

Really looking forward to it.


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