Super Weather

The last few days have been near to perfect.

Calm, crisp, bright blue skies, 20-something temps.

And enough time in daylight to accomplish something outdoors.

Sunday I went for my 5km run, outside, which was surprisingly daunting, since I haven’t done an outdoor run in awhile. But after the 2km mark, I really found my rhythm again and was very happily running negative splits (each kilometre faster than the last) without even trying!

Later that afternoon I decided to bring TK over to the house yard and separate him from Nero to help improve our connection and decrease the separation anxiety factor from riding.

I got keen and tried mounting him bareback.

Note to self:

You are too short and/or too old and/or too out of shape to jump on him bareback without a proper mounting block.

And you have bruises to prove it!

That said, despite my fumbling attempts at flinging my body onto his, he just stood there, like an angel.

Now it’s Monday and I’m not far away from heading in to do a gym induction, Pump, and Balance.

But I got away on this beautiful afternoon and was able to get in a 20ish minute ride on TK!

We went out about 3km, just at a walk.

Other than having bulging eyes and a little ‘will they eat me’ moment when he went past a neighbours menagerie of chickens, and sheep (and I think a pig??), he went really well.

We could hear Nero screaming like a banshee for most of the walk, and several times TK thought to trot, but I just asked him gently back into a walk and he was good as gold. Right near the end, when Nero was practically in sight, where other horses might have rushed, he just walked calmly up to Nero, me riding one handed ‘on the buckle’ (meaning giving him as much rein as possible). Lovely.

I should be able to get away from work a little early tomorrow (fingers crossed) and go for another ride, and then I’ll put him back with Nero for a few days, as I won’t be able to get to him until Saturday morning again due to a number of work and social commitments.

Social Commitments?!


I know!! Cool huh? 🙂

Anyway, best get out of my horsey gear and get my fitness on!

How many days in a row is this now?




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