Some great Pro/Con thoughts on Group Fitness. I love group fitness, but there are other good reasons why people find it challenging.
Where do you weigh in with Group Fitness vs Solo training?


Group Fitness can be seen as one of the best and one of the worst things! Group Fitness is a great motivator, and a large deterant to a lot of people. Let’s have a look at some pro’s and some con’s of working out with a large group of sweaty people!

I am an avid Body Attack, Body Pump and Body Balance Instructor, so I will try not to be too bias 🙂

Pros –

  • Set Time – classes are always on a set timetable. This allows you to form a routine and assist you with a workout plan week in, week out!
  • It’s a great motivator – it’s the Instructors responsibility to keep you focused and motivated towards the job at hand! The music is also a great motivator – perfectly suited and tailored to each class and choreography, providing some drive for your every move!
  • There is an instructor – there are…

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