Simple Horseplay

First of all, can I just ask how it could possibly be Friday already when it feels like it was only yesterday when we brought TK home?

Man, this week has just flown! And I haven’t done anything with TK since Sunday!

I had a plan today.

As usual, things didn’t go exactly according to plan, but that was because time was just FLYING!

I got to work at 8:30, and the next thing I know it’s 11:00. And then suddenly it’s 3:45 and I still have stuff to do.

Was I unconscious for most of my day? Where did the time go?

Anyway, all that aside, I got away before dark and plucked my darling pony out of his paddock (poor Nero was SO put out for being separated), but TK was really sweetly behaved.

I lunged him a few times around the round yard. We didn’t do a lot of laps, or work hard. He gave me a bit of lip – a few humps and little kicks, and was looking to the outside for some of the session – but ended quietly and licking his lips and ears on me.

I did this as part of my plan to ride him this weekend. I wanted to make sure I had done more with him than just feed him and then chuck a saddle on him after a week of nothing.

It ended quietly with him standing relaxed and that was the objective, as that was what I took away as the key for safe mounting from Irwin’s lesson.

And I’ve given myself another check mark on my Juneathon practice run. Three days in a row! So far so good! 🙂

This weekend I plan to do the new Balance release DVD a few times, ride TK and go for a run or two. It’ll be nice to be home and get a few things done!


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