Juneathon Practice Run

Today I had hot chocolate and cake with a friend instead of going for a run.

Totally worth it. 🙂

I also went to Pump and my usual warm up weight felt kinda…



So I got keen and added some weight to all my upper body tracks.

(Even though I could probably bear more weight in the legs, I always find I have a bit of a ‘twinge’ in my back in the squat and hamstring tracks. I think the volume and pace, not the weight, just keep me from doing perfect form, so I’m not bumping up the weight there yet. And there’s no way I’m pre-fatiguing my legs any more than they already are for lunges. I just got the leaping lunges nailed and I’m not ready to do more yet!)


Chest wasn’t bad with an extra kilo on each end.

Triceps were just bearable, but I got through and was really happy.

I thought biceps would be a piece of cake, but I ended up knocking that extra kilo off in the last round. I was rocking and swinging and didn’t want to hurt myself just trying to chuck the weight around.

I struggle in shoulders. Always have, so didn’t increase too much weight. I did the first 8 pushups on my toes, and I did make it nearly to the final set of rotators with 2.5kg in each hand. No small feat, I tell you, that’s a freakin’ hard track! And I did 2kg in overhead presses. I know it’s nearly nothing. Heaps of people pump out 5kg, but stuff that! It’s hard!! 🙂

Taught Balance afterwards, and it was awesome except that I felt I was a little OCD with cues on a couple of poses with some of my participants. Must learn to make gentler corrections sometimes, and recognise that sometimes people are just not interested in doing it ‘right.’

Anyway, I can sure feel my back muscles and triceps now, just a few hours later… that’s gotta be a good thing!

Hope you had a good day and got a workout in! 🙂


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