Brilliant Finishes

I didn’t have a stellar start to my week.

But it ended well.

Here’s my workouts for the week:

  • Monday: Balance only
  • Tuesday: Run 3km (Mental Health Run)
  • Wednesday: Run 4km, Pump, Balance. Today I ran at about 3:30pm, when I still had a bit of daylight. I found the 4km quite awkward and challenging. Pump seemed ridiculously heavy. I blame the fact that I only ate bread and drank tea for about 10 days leading up to this. Not only did I not have enough nutrients to give me strength and energy, but I had to deal with an unsettled gut. Time for me to eat right again!
  • Thursday: I started eating good again – but didn’t get a workout in. By the time I had sorted out what was happening at work, it was already 10 minutes into Attack and I was buggered. But I went to the shops and bought some fruits and veggies and ate a decent nutritious meal and started taking vitamins to replace what might have been missing.
  • Friday: No workout. Worked, packed and got in the car heading off to the in-laws.
  • Saturday: Ran 4km on the marvellous gravelly hilly road in front of the in-laws place. It was such a nice day, and such a good run, but I found the hills really stretched me. 4 hilly kilometres was far more challenging than my typical 5km loop here at home. Time to get back on the hills!
  • Sunday: No run. Packed up and headed to Manjimup to pick up TK from the trainers. And I rode him!

This was my brilliant finish. Just this one ride reminded me how much I missed being a horse person. I felt confident and though clearly he and I were not at our best – both stiff, tired, unpractised – we were both doing our best, enjoying our time, and I could feel how this was going to lead to great things.

All I could think about on the way home was ‘How am I going to fit more riding in?’

I’m excited again.

I feel pleased, proud, and happy to be able to define myself as a horse person again.

Being a horse person is a founding defining characteristic of who I am, and I missed it when doubt and fear clouded my abilities.

I hope to chase fear and doubt out permanently and just enjoy riding again!!

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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