Time for a Reality Check

It is Sunday morning and, no, I haven’t gone for my 13km run yet.

And I have a couple of very good reasons why.

  1. I am not an all weather runner (I’d love to be, but who am I kidding?) and it looks kinda like this outside today:

    I could be exaggerating slightly.

  2. I started doing some calculations and some real ponderations and realised that last week I only ran 11km. The week before I ran about 15. This week, if I run each run I’m scheduled to do, I should run 29km!? Now, granted, I have been missing my Friday 5km run almost every week, so it’d be closer to 24km, but that’s still a hell of a jump. It’s WAY more than 10%. 10% on 11km is 12.1km, 10% on 15km is 16.5km. Nearly doubling my run volume/distance in a week is a BAD IDEA!
  3. 5km was my ‘typical distance’ run up until the last few weeks when I started to work at 6km as my ‘typical distance’. I have run 10km only once and though it was doable, it was a real stretch for me. Not to mention that my body severely punished me for it for days following. To try to run twice that distance in only 28 days will probably mean weeks of pain, and possibly having to back off my training again anyway.
  4. My ULTIMATE goal is to do a full marathon in October, not a half marathon in June, so I am not actually missing my target here if I readjust the markers along the way a bit.

So I am making a bit of an adjustment to the plan:

  • I will focus on getting comfortable with 10km, making it my ‘typical distance’ run over the next 4 weeks and run the 10km road race on 3rd June instead of the half marathon
  • I will then build on that 10k base to get to the half marathon distance (and hopefully beyond it) over the following 10-12 weeks, racing either 12th (preferred) or 26th August (this is a MONSTER of an event, and feels too big for my first half – there are THOUSANDS of people at this event)
  • I will then focus on preparing for the full marathon over the final 8-10 weeks leading up to the Rottness Marathon on 21st October.

And I found a good site with a list of races on it, so I can adjust again if needed.

I don’t feel at all like I am taking the easy road out or avoiding any hard work. I haven’t moved my goal posts, just had to re-evaluate the path, adjusting for the conditions – my injury, training schedule, and my own bodies ability to handle the physical stress I’ll be loading it with.

I’ll still let you know if I make it for my run – but I’m aiming for only 10 now.


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