No Clever Title Here…

I have plenty on my mind, but nothing terribly clever to say.

Don’tcha hate that?

So, just a quick hello to touch base.


This week I bought a minimalist shoe, as per a previous post about improving foot strength.

This is not a *REAL* low-profile-barefoot shoe, but definitely less weight and less support than the current shoes (Asics Kayano). These are also Asics – I admit it, I am a bit of an Asics snob – and they are called GEL-BLUR33 .

They’re cool because they’re all black.

I ran 6km in them on Wednesday, and other than feeling the impact in my knees a bit more than usual due to less gel, I found the run quite comfortable. And I had really minimal plantar fasciitis pain in the days following the run. (Stretching, scrunching and rolling are all obviously helping with this in a massive way, too.)

I also went to Pump and Balance following my run, and had a weird experience with my Garmin, which seemed to think I was still running, and uphill!

So all through Pump it’s complaining that it’s lost satellite reception. Cool – press the ENTER button, it should be working on ‘indoor’ mode. Nope, buzz buzz ‘Lost Satellite Reception’ and then a few minutes later, it tells me I have run a kilometre in the last 15 minutes or so.

In the end it told me I ran 9km, climbed 2000 metres and my average pace per kilometre was 23 minutes. Totally spoiled my statistics.

Oh well! C’est la vie!

I missed my run today (meant to be 5km) but will still aim for 13 km Saturday to keep me on-track for the half marathon in a month’s time.

I’ll certainly blog about my attempt at 13km this weekend. If I don’t run it, then I’m going to need a serious chastising from you all! 🙂

Hope you have a marvellous weekend.


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