Wedded Bliss

I had the delightful pleasure of attending a wedding this weekend. My cousin got married to a wonderful woman, who is a brilliant addition to our family. She’s fun, fabulous, gorgeous, warm and welcoming, and she brings out the best in my cousin. The two of them are adorable together.

Although it’s said to be auspicious if it rains on your wedding, it is a bit of a hindrance if you’re holding an outdoor ceremony. But the happiness of the occasion was too bright for a little rain to darken.  And thanks to the kindness of a stranger – a man who lived across the street and saw that there was a wedding with no marquee – volunteered two quick pop shelters for the event. Hero!!

The reception and dinner were divine, but unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well.

And this is where I rant about my headache.

I have had this headache for about a week. Just a little one. Like a weight resting on my eyebrows. It got worse on the weekend. And by 10:00pm, in a noisy and busy environment and out of panadol, I was unable to hear, unable to concentrate, and having trouble standing up at the end. After the first dance, Mat and I got up for a dance, and I had to ask him to take me home. I was shattered!!

I crashed big time. Asleep in the car the whole way home. Asleep the second my head hit the pillow. Got up, still with a crushing headache.

I was supposed to run 13km Sunday. I was way too sore to do that, but I thought a walk would help. It didn’t. A couple more panadol made a little dent. A few hours later, a bit more panadol. And a long nap. I was completely stuffed.

Finally, at about 8pm Sunday night, it went away. Mostly.

This is a major annoyance.

I wasn’t able to fully enjoy a wonderful day. I wasn’t able to go for a run. And I feel like I am now much further behind in my training than I should be. I am finding myself far more doubtful of my ability to be ready for the race on 3rd June.

The next half-marathon I’ve been able to find is on the 8th of July, but it’s all the way in Geraldton, on my father-in-laws birthday. Not going to happen.

So the options are: keep trying to get ready for 3rd June or train for the Marathon in October, and just run a half when I get to that point in my training.

What would you do? Push or wait?


2 responses to “Wedded Bliss

  1. Go for it Lady you have a full month to work on your run, even if you dont push for a time you can get the mental benefit of completing the half-marathon, I feel this will give you a boost regarding your training and be a definate mile stone towards your ultimate goal. You can do it!

    • Thanks for the encouragement blogger044! It’s just what I needed!
      I readjusted my running schedule to try to ‘make up for lost time’ and have re-worked my strategy: I am going to run the half-marathon in 3km ‘bites’ – that’s just 7 bites of a very doable distance!
      Now, to make it official, I better register for that race! 🙂

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