Wicked Wednesday

I don’t really look like this when I sweat….

Let me take a moment to brag, just a little.

On Wednesday I had a Big Big exercise day.

After work, I seriously considered not running. I looked outside and decided it was too wet, too cold, it was too close to dark, and that maybe I just wouldn’t bother.

But justice prevailed!

Okay, maybe not justice, but I decided that skipping my run was lame and I went for the 6km run (as mentioned in a previous post regarding Stupid Treadmill Functions).

And after my sweaty run, I felt pretty good, and since it was 20 to 6, and Pump starts at 6, and if I went home I’d just pretty much be cleaning up, getting changed and turning around to come back to teach Balance, and since I already had a change of clothes for class in my bag…

I went to Pump too!

I probably look more like this guy…

It went pretty well, though my knees really hurt in squats and I couldn’t do full range squats. Dunno what that was about. They feel fine now, probably just a little stressed from the run (it was on an incline and I did feel it working my muscles a little differently than usual…) Anyway, sweated up a storm, loved it, and then changed for Balance.

Taught Balance, and it was the perfect combination!

Cardio, Strength and Flexibility – The Perfect Storm!

And the awesomeness continued!

I didn’t get any DOMS – nope, not even 36 hours later when it usually hits me – my plantar facitis didn’t flare up horribly, and I just felt incredibly buzzed for the next two days.

Another neat thing was this seemed to be an appetite suppressing workout. Normally I experience major post-workout hunger, but I wasn’t terribly hungry for the next 24 hours or so. What a great side effect!

And the even more fun news is that I captured it on my Garmin, and have these cool charts online that show my heart rate and work rate for the time I had the clock switched on. It recorded my workouts for 2 hours 36 minutes (I turned it off in between each session) and it figures I burned 845 Calories. Not too shabby.

My heart rate peaked at 169, right near the end of the run, at 152 in Pump (all those clean and presses really got it up there!!) and, surprisingly, at 140 in Balance.

What fun!

I enjoyed it so much, I think I am going to do it again every Monday and Wednesday!

What was your last super-big workout? How did it go?

Do you usually feel appetite suppression or appetite enhancement after a workout?


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