Dumb Treadmill Functions

So, it rained yesterday, and since I am so very sweet I might melt if I get wet, I decided to run on the treamill. Plus it was cold and I forgot my running jacket, and thought I might freeze.

I know, I’m a princess.

I’m okay with that. 🙂

So, I get on one of our treadmills I don’t normally use and notice that there is a “Goal” button.

I like buttons!

So I set it… Man! I had to tell it how old I was, how heavy I was, how far I want to go, how fast, what incline… this seems like areally drawn out process…

But it finally says “Press the Quick Start Button to Begin” (Quick Start?? Heh!)

And it fires up the treadmill at 9kph kabango!


Was filling in all those details my warmup?

No matter.

I went for my run, cruising along at 11kph for the last 1.5 km or so, and enjoyed watching the distance count down towards Zero!

But then, all of a sudden, my time and display have all changed and all it says is “Cool Down” and I’m walking 5.5kph. Thank goodness it didn’t slow down any faster than that, or I would have run right into the display pannel on the machine!

And then after 2 minutes it slowed down to 2.7kph!

I’m sorry, who walks at 2.7??

I turned the speed back up to 5, and it slowed me down to 2!

I got so frustrated I got off.

This machine made me think of a few annoying features I’ve come across on treadmills:

  1. Emergency Stop buttons that WIPE your history!! Those who have followed me for awhile may recall my angst when I accidentally brushed the (hyper-sensitive) Emergency Stop button on one of the treadmills at work (on more than one occasion in one run even!) and lost my time and distance, and then the machine would take forever to get back up to speed again, having to re-initialize before getting the belt back in motion! (For the record, I no longer use that treadmill.)
  2. Lack of warmup feature – if they are going to ask me a zillion questions, can’t they ask me if I want to warm up? Just a time and a speed? How about 2 minutes at 6kph or something? I dunno..
  3. Loss of data at the end of the ‘Goal’ session. So, yes, I did my 6 kilometers. Mind tellimg me how long it took me?
  4. Dumb cool down speeds. 2 kph? Let me get out my zimmer frame shall I? Seriously, I didn’t work that hard, I’m not broken!
  5. Machines that estimate your heart rate. We have a machine that will estimate your heart rate if you aren’t wearing a strap OR touching the hand-held sensors. Yeah, no, that’s really not on. That just makes me think that the machine is BROKEN.

Well, I can sure complain, can’t I? 🙂

Maybe I should mention a few features I do like:

  1. Built in fans! Oh yes, a little cool breeze goes a long way when you’re running indoors.
  2. Quick keys that work and that are actually set to speeds I like to run! These make doing an interval workout so much easier and can help keep the workout interesting!
  3. Wide running belts. Mainly because I tend to wander and fumble around when I run and the wide belt lets me without falling off … 🙂
  4. Lots of display features. One of my favourite treadmills lets me toggle between current speed, distance, time, current pace, average pace and there’s also some calorie features I don’t bother with. I do like my data. It gives me something to do while I’m running on the treadmill.
  5. Good holders for bottles and other important stuff. One of the funny things about running inside is that it somehow requires more stuff that running outside. I’ll have a water bottle, towel, ipod and phone all laying, hanging, and holstered on the treadmill. Having a place for everything where it doesn’t seem like it’s going to fall off is a good thing!

What are some of your gym equipment pet peeves? Or favourite features?  Love to hear from you!!


2 responses to “Dumb Treadmill Functions

  1. hey there love your blog have on skimed through it, am doing IT course at moment and had to make blog as part of it have to leave comment as part of assignment and came across your blog. WHAT A FIND ill definatly be returning to see how your training is progressing im doing my first marathon (fingers crossed) in October. will be holding on to my blog,which i had never intended, didnt realise where it cld lead gud luk with your bucket list also

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂
      Good luck with your marathon efforts. Just remember, you have a marathon in you, it just might not be ready to come out yet!
      I have Followed you, and look forward to hearing about how your training comes along! Let me know if I can help!

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