Sloshy Galoshes

Asics Kayano

My new shoes. Asics Kayano's

I bought really nice new running shoes.

The best I have ever purchased.

It’s like you’re walking on pillows.

They are really really nice.

But I think they are a fraction too big.

I normally buy an 8.5 in an Asics shoe, but was talked into the 9’s this time, for just a little more toe room and a really comfy width. And they will accommodate a bit more swelling, which my feet definitely do, especially in the heat.

But… (there’s always a but, isn’t there?)

I think the heel is a little too loose, and my foot is moving a bit from side to side at the back of the shoe, especially on the left, and this seems to occasionally leave the arch support in slightly the wrong place. Or, my foot resting on the wrong part of the arch support.

I went on a 5km outside run after work today, which I completed in 30:52 with one short walking break (yay me) and really got a good feel for the shoes.

They are really nice, but that sloppiness, on the left foot in particular, was a little discombobulating to start with.

In the end I settled into it, and since they’ve gone for two runs, one of them outside, there’s no way I can take them back and ask for my snugger 8.5’s just for a little heel slip. I didn’t get blisters or find myself in pain.

I might have considered it if it was REALLY painful, but it just felt odd.

However, it might even just be the shoe construction more than anything, it has delightful heel cushioning, not just in the sole for impact, but all around the foot as well, and I can’t complain because I haven’t had heel pain in the mornings following the workouts I have had in these shoes!!

The two other things I really like about this shoe is the off-set lace position – they ride up the high ridge on the top of your foot, rather than just down the middle of the shoe. Seriously, this is SO nice, I wonder why they don’t do this in all shoes?!

And the second thing is the fabric covering the top of the upper – it’s really breathable, and that’s a huge help for someone like me who gets really hot and sweaty feet. Might suck a bit in the winter and in the rain… but who am I kidding? I don’t run in the rain 😛

So, there I am, singing more praises for my new shoes.

They might just be worth every penny. Let’s see if I still love them in 59 days when I might (hopefully) be running my first half-marathon.

The countdown:

  • 30 days to 10ks
  • 59 to my first half
  • 87 to my second half
  • 220 to my target marathon

Now I must begin to  run in earnest.


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