Big earth movers


The backyard rip-apart business is about to begin!

Clothes line

Mat started his driving lessons with the clothes line.


He did a pretty good job of it 🙂

Big grins

Mat was having a good time playing with his big shovel!


The clothesline came down in an unceremonious heap. Unfortunately we broke one arm, but Mat says he can fix it. He can fix anything!


This post is concreted in and has wires for an old electric fence that is no longer hooked up. It was going to take a bit more work than the clothesline!

Still Posting

Digging out some more, getting at the other side.

Big Hole

Gosh, it just keeps going! There was so much concrete and it was such a heavy post. I was so glad we didn't have to dig that out by hand!

Another Big Hole

Here's the hole...

Fill the hole

Now we're filling the hole back in. It's not done yet, but we need to be able to move around.

Getting Help

Getting started on the septic tank. Of course, big machines require help!

I take pics on my phone but can’t upload multiple photos onto Facebook. Dumb. So here’s more pictures of our back yard. Very cool!


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