That Almost Killed Me!

As you know, I have been sick for over week. And the week before that I was going a little crazy with work. So I haven’t worked out – other than Body Balance – for about 17 days (but who’s counting?) And though I love and adore Body Balance, and it is great for keeping me flexible, feeling calm and strong, and at least doing something, it certainly isn’t a vigorous workout, and it alone isn’t going to help me run a marathon.

But I kept having excuses to not do more. That phlegmey feeling, coughing, sneezing, the lingering cold. It’s not bad, just not great. Fire drills and new staff at work, PT clients after hours were all keeping me from my own workouts! These excuses were just not good enough anymore!

I may not have felt ready to go for a 5k run, but there is no reason I couldn’t do something to get me feeling fit and strong again!

So I decided to do Pump.

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve done Pump, so I took it easy – not too heavy. Well, I never really go heavy in Pump because it’s not that kind of class, because I don’t do it often enough to warrant pushing it hard, plus I teach Balance straight after and I like to keep a little in the tank to teach well.

So, anyway, I knew it would be tough, but I totally underestimated my loss of strength!!

Warm up had me shaking! Litterally! My legs were QUIVERING!

Backs, Butts and Hamstrings left my hamstrings in spasm!

Lunges had my calves screaming and threatening to cramp up!!

OMG! Dude, what happened to all my muscles!?

I was still quivering until well past the half-way mark of Balance. Standing Strength was a real challenge!! But I got through it and really enjoyed it. Those two classes really compliment one another.

I woke up this morning with that odd sore heel feeling and stiff legs, but it’s worked its way out and feeling better. My quads are going to punish me for a good part of the day, but I think I’ll still make it to Attack tonight and see how I go!

By the way, has anyone out there ever experienced the painful heel thing in the morning? It feels really weird, and I’ve been getting that more and more often after a big workout. The first few minutes – maybe 15 – of the morning after a big workout, I can’t walk right because my heels and ankles ache, and it’s not as if this is related to impact, because Pump and Balance are both no-impact. I might have to do some research into this odd phenomenon.

This week hasn’t been great for me health & fitness wise, and now I’m back! I don’t mind the aches in the morning, as long as they keep working their way out in a few minutes. Afterall…

‘Pain is just weakness leaving your body’


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