I’m not dead

You haven’t heard from me for two weeks because, well, nothing very interesting has happened for two weeks.

Due to two very critical team members going down with a horrible sickness (both were hospitalised) and two staff members leaving to other jobs in the space of a few days, we were really short staffed, and pressing to train three new people and find a fourth in short order. We are nearly back to full-capacity, so, although things aren’t exactly perfect just yet, we’ve adjusted to the shortage of staff and we’re doing okay. We will certainly see this through to the other side in short order.

But I pretty much worked and didn’t do anything else that whole first week I disappeared off the radar.

Actually, Mat and I did manage to slip away last weekend to see celebrate his mum’s birthday. It was a really quiet weekend, spent at the house visiting.

In fact, we didn’t even go *look* at the ocean!? This never happens. A bit of a shame, really. It just wasn’t that kind of weekend, I guess.

Then, Sunday evening, I got sick.

Just a cold. Sore throat to start with. Icky, but no biggie. Headache.

Taught Balance Monday night, just feeling a little less than glorious, but okay.

Then the congestion. I *hate* not being able to breathe! Hate it *so* much, it’s the only time I really take medications. I don’t pop a pill for every headache, ache, or pain, but if I can’t breathe, I’m on drugs!

By Friday I was off the drugs and breathing normally most of the time, so was pretty happy and thought I was on the mend, but then the chesty stuff started. Coughing. Hacking up the gobs of mucus (sorry, over-share?) and it hasn’t stopped. Very annoying, because I was really hoping to go for a walk this weekend to start ‘getting back into it’ but just an hour-and-a-half of basic house work left me exhausted on the couch recovering.


And on the house front, we were meant to have a guy come by and prepare the shed pads, but due to the heat of the week causing fire bans, he wasn’t able to finish more important large jobs, and we have been shuffled down in the queue. Therefore, not even anything interesting to report on the house-front.

So, that’s it. My whole fortnight.


Hopefully I will have more to share in a few days when things are back to normal.

Hope you’ve been well!!


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