That’s Better

I was feeling a bit ugh today.

The day started out alright, but then a bit of reality dawned on me.

Kobie is really leaving her current job and moving on to a really exciting new opportunity, and I am stoked for her.

But it finally clicked, “she’s not going to be here anymore!”

Despite having plans in place (or at least a head full of great ideas) and knowing that things will always work out in the end, I couldn’t help but have a little spack attack, which no doubt contributed to the poor attitude and less than perfect workout. (My potential 5km run turned into a 1.6km run and a whole 11 minutes of physical activity.)

Not crash hot.

Worry sucks.

And then it was time to teach Balance. I went in with a really agitated frame of mind, and got a bit distracted when I walked in to work, and finally said, “I want to just let go and think of nothing for the next hour” and that’s what I really focused on doing when I closed the door and started class.

Nothing but Balance, the music, the movements and my participants.

It was a great class, it really let me relax and tune out my worries.

That class was my happy place today! šŸ™‚

Once upon a time I may have been able to find that relaxation through a run. When I was running regularly, I was able to just get into the rhythm and my mind just… I don’t know … got free and creative.

But when running isn’t easy, it’s hard to get into that rhythm, hard to find that zen-like state where your mind just frees up.

I know it will come again, and I am looking forward to the creative juices that so often seemed to come with a great run.

It seems that sometimes a very vigorous workout is what an unsettled mind needs, and sometimes you need a bit of yoga.

Do you workout when your head isn’t on right? What do you prefer? Vigorous workouts or something more mellow?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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