Do you want the good news …

… or the bad news?

The bad new is that my 12 x 400 metre run turned out to be only 4 x 400 metres.

The good news is that I went out and gave it a bash, even when I was feeling the weight of 100 excuses coming up behind me.

I had 30-45 minutes, but felt like doing a whole lot of nothing, so I applied the 10-Minute Rule.

If you don’t want to workout, go for 10 minutes. If you still really don’t want to workout, go home.

90% of the time this leads to a full workout, and a great sense of accomplishment.

Today just felt blah, crap, heavy, sluggish and hard. Oh, and boring.

But here are the results, poor that they may be, for my run:

  • Lap 1 2:35
  • Lap 2 2:37
  • Lap 3 3:14 (half lap walking break)
  • Lap 4 2:50

Have you ever applied the 10 minute rule? Did you end up doing your full workout, or head home?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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