Schedule a Nap!

The weather has changed again and it’s back to stinkin’ hot and quite humid. Cyclone Izzy might have backed off up north, but you can still feel his influence on our weather.

This afternoon after work I did a pyramid interval workout on the treadmill. I was quite happy to be doing an inside treadmill workout with the air con and fan on. Yup. Lovely!

Basically my pyramid is a 1 minute jog, 1 minute run, with increasing incline for half the run, then decreasing the incline for the second half.

I think I made it 4.3 or so km in the 30 minutes, including 3 minutes warm up and 2 minutes cool down.

The surprising thing about this workout was how much speed and ‘ease’ I’ve lost from not running regularly. Knowing that I was going to be slower, I planned for it and said I’ll jog at 8 (9 was my usual jog) and sprint/run at 12 (13 or 14 would have been what I aimed for previously).

So I hit the speed button up to 12 and thought “OMG I am going to fall off this thing!” DOWN! DOWN! DOWN!!! on the speed button.

It felt dangerously fast and out of control! I had to back off to 11, and did managed to get up to 11.6 for a few runs, but yeah.. 12?

Not today sunshine.

After I was done destroying myself on the treadmill, I did a bit more Balance training. It was great to get the timing right and have a good stretch.

Went home and sat on the couch and despite my best efforts to fight it, I fell asleep! Mat had to wake me up so I could go to class. Today was one of the few days EVER that I have thought ‘I wish I didn’t have to go teach Balance class.’

I was just that tired.

And then I remembered the advice I got from Mia, who is a fabulous runner and uber fit lady. She recommended that you always schedule a nap after raising your mileage. When I was training for the Blackwood, and I went from 10 to 14 kilometres as my big run, I did nap if I could until I adjusted to the new distance.

Now, I know that 5km isn’t big mileage (nor is 9 for the week), but relative to the big fat ZERO I had been doing, this is a big increase in mileage! And I think I might have to consider scheduling a nanna nap a few days a week as I settle back into this routine.

What fun! I love naps! 🙂

Do you plan/schedule naps following big workouts? Has it helped with your recovery?

If you’re interested, here is my workout from today.

Pyramid Intervals

Minutes Speed Incline
3 walk 0
4 jog 0
5 run 0.5
6 jog 0.5
7 run 1
8 jog 1
9 run 1.5
10 jog 1.5
11 run 2
12 jog 2
13 run 2.5
14 jog 2.5
15 run 3
16 jog 3
17 run 2.5
18 jog 2.5
19 run 2
20 jog 2
21 run 1.5
22 jog 1.5
23 run 1
24 jog 1
25 run 0.5
26 jog 0.5
27 run 0
28 jog 0
30 walk 0

I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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